VBS Day 4 Recap

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love.
–Romans 8:38
Today was an exciting day, especially at the end! We moved from the Old Testament into the New as we looked at connections between Joseph and Jesus. Today's big takeaway was that God is stronger than anything. Our 23 adults, 9 youth, and 38 kids all saw the extraordinary strength of God in many different ways today.
  • They experienced how Jesus took on their sins by placing nails in a bucket and laying them at the foot of the cross.
  • To discover how things can change, they created art that then was shrunk, just as God shrinks down our life's mistakes and washes them away.
  • They had to work together as a team to toss items from one blanket and catch them in another.
  • The day was closed out with a shocking demonstration of how Jesus conquered death through a light bulb demonstration.
One more day to go!
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