We can't love God, love others and share Christ and ignore the needs of people around us. Join us as we serve in partnership with many ministries.

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Seeds of Support
April 17th, 2024
From Karen: The Boomers met on April 2nd and prepared the monthly mailbox motivations for the Bannerman (BLC) faculty and staff. Hagan Ace Hardware in Green Cove donated flower seed packets. We attached notes to each packet and placed them in faculty and staff mailboxes (pictured above). This week, Pizza Hut of Green Cove provided the staff with pasta trays and breadsticks for lunch, and the Boome...
8 Days and Over 500 People Fed
April 4th, 2024
Over eight days, March 16-23, we participated in 3 events and helped feed people across Clay County. Thank you to everyone who helped, either by volunteering, donating items, or giving financially. A team of us went to Jacksonville to pack food at a table our church sponsored. This event was the 2nd Annual Faith in Action that Hunger Fight has put on. Churches sponsored all the tables. It was so ...
Children's Home is now Residing Hope
March 21st, 2024
This month is a month with 5 Sundays, which means we're collecting for the Residing Hope (formerly Florida United Methodist Children's Home).For over a century, the Children’s Home has been guided by an unwavering commitment to serving children and families throughout the state of Florida with compassion, integrity, and faith. Since our beginning in 1908 as the Florida Methodist Orphanage, we have...
Showing Love
March 14th, 2024
Every month, our Boomers focus on a project to show love to the teachers at Bannerman Learning Center. Here are some pictures from their recent meeting where they were putting together the mailbox motivations. For February, the Children's Ministry helped create Valentine cards. The Boomers took these cards and set up a candy bar in the teachers lounge as a small way of showing the teachers they ar...
Day On Campus is Coming Soon
February 21st, 2024
One of the most anticipated days at Children's Home is our annual Day on Campus. Each year, it provides us with the opportunity to both thank our faithful churches and ministry partners and highlight all of the wonderful things God is doing through the ministry here. We are excited to announce that the next Day On Campus on Saturday, March 16th from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.This year's Day on Camp...
Starting the Year Serving
January 25th, 2024
The Kitchen of Clay County has become one of our favorite ways to serve our community. This past weekend, 6 of our members went out to Middleburg to serve those in our community who need some support. We don't ask why they need the meals or check their qualifications. If people show up and ask for food, we give it to them. The team showed up with 5 crock pots of soup and stuff to make sandwiches. ...
Little Things Go a Long Way
January 17th, 2024
There are many places where a little can go a long way. This is especially true when it comes to kindness and love. When Karen arrived at our church, she had a passion for helping show love to the teachers at Bannerman Learning Center. As a retired teacher, she knew firsthand how hard teaching is and how important it is for a teacher to feel loved and supported. She wanted the Bannerman teachers t...
2023 in Review
January 11th, 2024
This past Sunday, the above video was shared in worship as a celebration of all God did in 2023 I thought I woud take a moment and expand on these numbers a bit more, sharing some stories behind them. We had 3 baptisms in 2023, 2 new-believer baptisms and 1 infant baptism. This is paired with our 28 new members. Both of the new-believer baptisms were new families who came to us, not from any oth.....
Visit to Bannerman
January 9th, 2024
For their December meeting, the Boomers (our older adults), went and toured Bannerman Learning Center. The Boomers are our newest group on campus and chose Bannerman to be their mission focus. Normally, they meet at the church, have brunch together, then put together something to show love to the teachers at the school. On this occasion, we took a trip to the school to learn about their programs. ...
Last 5th Sunday 2023
December 27th, 2023
This month is a month with 5 Sundays, which means we're collecting for the Florida United Methodist Children's Home. Here's a message from the Children's Home: Robert came to us with a trauma history that meant bedtime was a really difficult time for him. He never slept in his bed, preferring to sleep in his closet or on the ground. Staff and therapists worked hard with him to help him feel safe s...