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Worship for Sunday, May 19th

The Christian Church has included four words, Gathering, Word, Table or Response, and Sending, in her worship throughout its history–possibly dated back to the early church. We use this historic order in our modern service, along with communion weekly.
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Kids Club 

Birth through 6th Grade

Glow in the Dark


Astronaut Neil Armstrong once said landing on the moon was “one small step for man.” The biggest adventures start in such a simple way — especially when it comes to space! Asteroids, distant planets, and brand new galaxies await us once we leave earth’s atmosphere. Being the first to explore such uncharted territory can be intimidating. In this four-week series, we’ll take a look at the Book of Acts to learn from the first Christians. Through their stories of faith and bravery, kids will learn how to take the first step of believing in Jesus, the next step of praying for others, and an even bigger step of trusting the Holy Spirit makes us brave. But they won’t want to skip the last step of telling others about Jesus.
The kids will read how Stephen boldly shared a message before the Sanhedrin.
  • BIG IDEA: Take a big step — the Holy Spirit makes us brave.
  • BIBLE: Acts 6, 7:54-59

VBS Registration is Now Open! 

This summer get ready to dive into an incredible underwater journey where the kiddos will feel the infinite love of God. At our Scuba VBS, they'll soak up the Word and uncover the true meaning of living water!

Preschool is for children ages 3-4 yrs. old (must be potty-trained) and Elementary is for those going into Kindergarten through 6th grade. The registration fee is $30 per child with a $5 discount if registered before June 16.

Our students (grades 7-12) can volunteer and earn community service hours.

We also looking for adult volunteers to take our crews from station to station as well as a few station leaders.

Kid's Celebrations and Happenings:


7th - 12 Grade

Does your Student need Community Service Hours?

We offer multiple opportunities during the year for our Students to volunteer and earn those precious Community Service Hours.  Students can help with Parent's Day Out events, our quarterly Food Drives with Sacred Heart, The Kitchen and more!  Check out up coming students events to see what is coming up soon.  

Student's Celebrations and Happenings:

Most  Recent Devotion:

Groups are the foundation of how we go deeper in our faith! We have a variety of groups. Some meet monthly, which you can read more about below. Some meet weekly.

Adult Group's Celebrations and Happenings:


We believe missions is about serving our community both with our time, our finances, and by spending time with others. We support organizations like Clay County Kitchen, the Green Cove Food Pantry, and the United Methodist Children's Home. Check out our upcoming events above or see our most recent celebration below.

Missions Celebrations and Happenings:

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