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Worship for Sunday, April 2nd: Coats

Sermon Series: In Plain Sight

Worship Order:

The Christian Church has included four words, Gathering, Word, Table or Response, and Sending, in her worship throughout its history–possibly dated back to the early church. We use this historic order in our modern service, along with communion weekly.

The Gathering
  • Welcome & Call to Worship
  • It Might Get Loud
  • The Lion and The Lamb
  • See A Victory
The Word
  • Message:  Coats – Luke 19:29-40
The Table (or Response)
  • Holy Communion & Offering
  • O Come to the Altar
The Sending
  • Closing Prayer

Upcoming Events for all Ages:

Kids Club (Birth through 6th Grade)

On a farm, life has a daily rhythm (for plants, animals, and people, too). “Life” is what this series is all about, because we’re talking about Easter and Jesus’ triumph over death! In this five-week series, kids will explore the stories leading up to and following Easter Sunday. Together, they’ll discover we can stick with Jesus even when our days are dark, and that because Jesus is alive, we can spend our days meeting with him, trusting he’s there for us, and sharing his love — not just today, but every day!
This week, kids hear about the time Peter denied knowing Jesus.
  •  BIG IDEA: I can stick with Jesus when my day is dark.
  •  BIBLE: Matthew 26:31-35; 57-75

 " He is not here; he has risen!” — Luke 24:6 (NIV)

Kid's Celebrations and Happenings:

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Pace Island won't be meeting April 2 (Palm Sunday) or April 9 (Easter).
Groups are the foundation of how we go deeper in our faith! We have a variety of groups. Some meet monthly, which you can read more about below. Some meet weekly.

Group's Celebrations and Happenings:

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We are currently growing our Moms Group here at FIUMC. Our goal is to create an environment for moms to support each other in raising our kiddos while living out our love of Christ. We are currently holding a Morning Meet-up  once a month and are working on planning more in person events. We are also building our group virtually through our Facebook group and by doing Bible Plans together through the YouVersion app.

We are hosting our first weekend event this Saturday from 3-5 PM.  We will be doing a small craft and catching up.  Please select the link below to let us know if you are coming, so we can make sure we have plenty of craft supplies.  

Men's Ministry

Men of all ages are invited to join our brand new men's ministry. This group meets monthly to grow together spiritually, make new friends, and do service projects in the community. It doesn't matter if you've never been to a church group or if you've been a part of one for your entire life. All are welcome to discover the topic of spirituality with other men.

Check the events above for the next upcoming gathering.

Women's Ministry

The Sisterhood of Grace is a monthly group of ladies that meet for multi-generational Christian fun. This is the perfect place for you if you'd like to make some friends, get out of the house, or simply have a reason to leave the kids with the husband or sitter.

Women's Celebrations and Happenings:

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We believe missions is about serving our community both with our time, our finances, and by spending time with others. We support organizations like Clay County Kitchen, the Green Cove Food Pantry, and the United Methodist Children's Home. Check out our upcoming events above or see our most recent celebration below.

Missions Celebrations and Happenings:

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Prayer Requests & Birthdays

This next page is password protected to ensure the privacy of those within our church. If you are worshipping with us and would like to be a part of those who pray for our church, please contact Val to receive this information.

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