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Worship for Sunday, December 3rd

The Christian Church has included four words, Gathering, Word, Table or Response, and Sending, in her worship throughout its history–possibly dated back to the early church. We use this historic order in our modern service, along with communion weekly.
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Kids Club 

Birth through 6th Grade

On the Right Track


Grab your sandals, sunblock, and swim gear because it’s time for a Christmas Vacation! We’ll be making sand angels and roasting chestnuts around an open bonfire on our tropical getaway. You’ve never experienced Christmas like this! In this five-week series, we’ll focus on the birth of Jesus and the way God had been planning things from the very beginning. We’ll see how God sent Jesus for a reason, learn to trust God’s timing, understand why God gives us what’s best, and see how Jesus is why we celebrate because Jesus is God’s gift to the world.  
The   kids hear how the Word became flesh through Jesus.
  • BIG IDEA: God sent Jesus for a reason.
  • BIBLE: John 1:1–17

Kid's Celebrations and Happenings:


9th - 12 Grade

Parking Lot Food Drive

We would love our Students to join us for the Parking Lot Food Drive we do quarterly with Sacred Heart Catholic Church.   This is the perfect opportunity to spend sometime together and earn some service hours.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church & Fleming Island United Methodist Church are partnering to sponsor the next Jack Graves Memorial Parking Lot Food Drive on Saturday, December 9, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

Do you have a high schooler interested in confirmation?

We are currently looking at planning Confirmation this Spring for our 9th-12th Graders. If you have a 9th-12th Grader, who is interested in Confirmation please let me know. We are considering doing in the form of a weekend lock-in, but I want to take into account the schedules of those interested and plan something that a majority can attend.
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Student's Celebrations and Happenings:

Most  Recent Devotion:

Groups are the foundation of how we go deeper in our faith! We have a variety of groups. Some meet monthly, which you can read more about below. Some meet weekly.

Adult Group's Celebrations and Happenings:


We believe missions is about serving our community both with our time, our finances, and by spending time with others. We support organizations like Clay County Kitchen, the Green Cove Food Pantry, and the United Methodist Children's Home. Check out our upcoming events above or see our most recent celebration below.

Missions Celebrations and Happenings:

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