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Setting Up Automatic Giving

Summer's here. Did you know many people in the church don't realize you can automate your giving so God always receives your first gifts, even when you're traveling? You can set it up right through the church app or website. It's safe and secure. The church will pay less tending fees if you set up an ACH (a few more steps). Fewer fees mean more of your monetary investment goes to ministry action.

Worship for Sunday, June 11th

Sermon Series: Rules of Life

Worship Order:

The Christian Church has included four words, Gathering, Word, Table or Response, and Sending, in her worship throughout its history–possibly dated back to the early church. We use this historic order in our modern service, along with communion weekly.

The Gathering
  • Welcome & Call to Worship
  • We Praise You
  • I Am
  • King of Kings
  • Prayer 
The WordThe Table (or Response)The Sending
  • Closing Prayer

Most  Recent Devotion:

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Major Upcoming Events:

Kids Club 

Birth through 6th Grade

Whether it’s with LEGO bricks, Minecraft, or Roblox, kids (and adults!) love to make things — and sometimes break them. In this four-week series from the very beginning of the Bible, we’ll compare God’s ability to make good things with our tendency to break them. Through the stories of creation, the fall, Cain and Abel, and the Tower of Babel, we’ll see that God makes good things, unbreaks what’s been broken, and made us different on purpose, so we should honor God with the things we make.
The kids learn about the fall of the first humans and how God still cared for them.
  •  BIG IDEA: God unbreaks what’s been broken.
  •  BIBLE: Genesis 3

 " For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything."          Hebrews 3:4 (NIV)

Kid's Celebrations and Happenings:

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7th - 12 Grade

This summer, we are focusing on building relationships with our Students.  While we would love for them to join us for our Students events, we understand that large group events aren't necessarily for everyone.   The beauty of rebuilding a youth program is that it can look like anything and we design something just for your student.  

If you have any questions regarding our Students program, have a Student interested  in serving in the church or setting up a mentoring program (either individually or in a small group), please do not hesitate to contact Katie to set up a time to chat.  

Join us on Wednesdays at 7 PM for Faith & Friends! 

Parents are welcome to drop-off their students or stay and join in on the fun!  
Some groups take a break over the summer. Please be sure to check with the group leader before you attend for the first time.
Groups are the foundation of how we go deeper in our faith! We have a variety of groups. Some meet monthly, which you can read more about below. Some meet weekly.

Group's Celebrations and Happenings:

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We believe missions is about serving our community both with our time, our finances, and by spending time with others. We support organizations like Clay County Kitchen, the Green Cove Food Pantry, and the United Methodist Children's Home. Check out our upcoming events above or see our most recent celebration below.

Missions Celebrations and Happenings:

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Prayer Requests & Birthdays

This next page is password protected to ensure the privacy of those within our church. If you are worshipping with us and would like to be a part of those who pray for our church, please contact Val to receive this information.

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