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Worship for Sunday, February 18th

The Christian Church has included four words, Gathering, Word, Table or Response, and Sending, in her worship throughout its history–possibly dated back to the early church. We use this historic order in our modern service, along with communion weekly.
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Kids Club 

Birth through 6th Grade



Whether it’s a rocket car powered by soda and mints or a tornado in a water bottle, there’s so much in our world that can fill us with awe. The world of STEM is full of things that look like little miracles, but they’re nothing compared to the miracles God can perform. In this four-week series, kids will take a look at some of the miracles that Jesus performed during his ministry. Through stories showing the power of Jesus, they’ll no doubt go, Wow! Jesus has the power to heal, to calm our fears, to provide, and to save.
 The kids will be amazed by the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.
 BIG IDEA: Wow! Jesus has the power to provide.
 BIBLE: John 6:1–15

Kid's Celebrations and Happenings:


9th - 12 Grade

Do you have a high schooler interested in confirmation?

We are currently looking at planning Confirmation this Spring for our 9th-12th Graders. If you have a 9th-12th Grader who is interested in Confirmation, please let me know. We are considering doing it in the form of a weekend lock-in, but I want to take into account the schedules of those interested and plan something that a majority can attend.
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Student's Celebrations and Happenings:

Groups are the foundation of how we go deeper in our faith! We have a variety of groups. Some meet monthly, which you can read more about below. Some meet weekly.

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We believe missions is about serving our community both with our time, our finances, and by spending time with others. We support organizations like Clay County Kitchen, the Green Cove Food Pantry, and the United Methodist Children's Home. Check out our upcoming events above or see our most recent celebration below.

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