God-sized Dreams for Kids Club

It has been three Sundays since I have officially been the new children's minister, and I am so excited for the future of the children's ministry and the church.  Early in the summer, I was considering finding a new church home. I had a dream of the type of children's ministry I wanted my kids to grow-up in.  My mom convinced me to come and meet Pastor Faith on her first Sunday here.  While I was sitting in worship listening to her testimony, I very clearly heard God tell me that I wasn't going anywhere.  He told me I was supposed to be here at FIUMC (something I sort of already knew in my heart) and I was to going to have to do the work to help this ministry grow.  This was where he wanted me.  I didn't know at the time what it would look like taking over as children's minister, but I told God that I was finally listening to his plan for me and I was down for whatever he had in store for me.  So here I am.  

Our church has gone through a lot of change in the past few months, and often times change gets a bad rap, but change isn't always bad.  Change can push us out of our comfort zone and give us the opportunity to grow in ways we couldn't before.  We often resist change, I know I do, but often times those are the times that I learn and grow the most.  This is where our children's ministry and our church are; we are in a period of change that will allow us to grow in ways we couldn't before.  

When Faith and I first started talking about our children's ministry, we talked about our huge dreams...our God-sized dreams for our ministry.  In having these conversations, we talked about changes we felt were needed to allow our ministry to grow.  By making those changes, we are preparing the soil for God to plant his seeds that will grow into a beautiful thriving children's ministry.

If you have been to worship or taken a look at our website, you have probably noticed some of the changes that we have already made, one of them being the changing of the name of our ministry to Fleming Island UMC Kids Club to make things easier for new families visiting our church.  Another change we made was our curriculum.  Faith and I spent hours upon hours researching different curriculums to find one that we thought would work for us in this season.  And can I just say, based on the feedback I have gotten from the kids and the volunteers, it was a good choice.  The kids love it because they have fun playing games and doing different activities while learning God's word and the volunteers love it because it is easy to teach and implement...they don't have to know all the answers, they can learn right long with the kids. 

All this being said, I may have these huge God-sized dreams for our children's ministry, but our current volunteers and I can't do it alone.  One of the ways we need to prepare our soil is having more volunteers involved in our children's ministry, we need you.  Volunteering in our children's ministry isn't just teaching on Sunday's  (although that is a wonderful way to serve), but could look like snuggling babies in the nursery, coloring with the toddlers, playing games with the elementary kids, hanging with the preteens or greeting families at the check-in table.

I would love to have anyone who feels called to serve in our children's ministry and help them find a way to best use their talents.   If you are unsure, that's okay, we can talk about it and you can sit in on one of our classes.  If you are interested in volunteering, the first step is just reaching out for more information.  We will also be having a Children's Council Meeting on Sunday, September 11th, after church.  The meeting is open to all current children's ministry team members and anyone who is interested in serving in our children's ministry.

I hope you all will join me in dreaming God-sized dreams!
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Deborah Hudgins - August 26th, 2022 at 9:55am

You and your family are blessing to our church! Keep dreaming.

Sandy Collins - August 26th, 2022 at 10:04am

Loved this, Katie. Thank you for sharing.

Kimberly Barrett - August 26th, 2022 at 7:54pm

I’m so honored to be a part of our Kids Club and proud of all you are doing, Katie!! God is good!!!