Blast Off Recap

We have finished our first series of our new curriculum Blast-Off!  In this series we focused on four spiritual habits that help us grow spiritually.  Each week we focused on one, our BIG IDEA from the week.
Week 1:
We read about the time Jesus visited Mary and Martha’s home and learned that WE CAN SPEND TIME WITH GOD.

Week 2:
We learned about the time a group of people helped their paralyzed friend get to Jesus and that PEOPLE CAN HELP US GROW IN OUR FAITH.
Week 3:
The kids heard  about  the  time  Peter and  John  shared  the  Gospel,  even  when  it  was dangerous and that WE CAN SHARE GOD'S STORY.

Week 4:
We discovered Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and showed us that WE CAN SERVE OTHERS.
At the core of what we learned this month is how to be a disciple.  One of the features that we really like about this curriculum is that it has a discipleship focus each quarter.  This quarter is focusing on spiritual habits.  Whether it's prayer, worship, going to church, reading the Bible, or loving people with their actions. Below is a printable Spiritual Habit Tracker to help kids (or even adults) set goals and then track their progress.  

Coming up in September is our new series called Animated.  We will focus on prophets from the Old Testament and explore some big feelings.  This will help us learn with God, we can all feel secure, comforted, valued, and loved, even when our emotions tell us otherwise. 
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