Rise and Shine Preview

Hey Families! Here’s a look at what your kids are going to be learning in Kids Club in April, so you can continue growing at home during the week.
RISE & SHINE: A 5-Week Series from the New Testament on Easter     

Series Overview: 
On a farm, life has a daily rhythm (for plants, animals, and people, too). “Life” is what this series is all about, because we’re talking about Easter and Jesus’ triumph over death! In this five-week series, kids will explore the stories leading up to and following Easter Sunday. Together, they’ll discover we can stick with Jesus even when our days are dark, and that because Jesus is alive, we can spend our days meeting with him, trusting he’s there for us, and sharing his love — not just today, but every day!

To get ready to be able to share in this series with your kids, spend a few minutes reading the story of Easter. As you do, think about what God has taught you (and is still teaching you) about who Jesus is and what his love means through these passages. Ask yourself how these Big Ideas have been true in your life

WEEK 1: I can stick with Jesus when my day is dark. Matthew 26:31-35, 57-75; Philippians 2:5-11 WEEK 2: Jesus is alive today and every day! Matthew 27:45-28:10; Psalm 118:21-24
WEEK 3: I can meet with Jesus every day. John 20:19-31; 1 Peter 1:3-9
WEEK 4: Jesus is there for me every day. Luke 24:13-35; Psalm 23
WEEK 5: I can share God’s love every day. John 21:1-17; John 10:1-10

 There’s a rhythm to every day. Just like the sun rises and sets, we can count on Jesus to be the same yesterday, today, and forever. How does the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection empower you to live differently each day? Not every day is bright and full of hope, so how do we stick with Jesus in those moments? Read through the Big Ideas that you’ll be sharing with kids this month. Say them out loud and then pray them as your own. Your faith will grow as you encourage others. Which passage of Scripture or Big Idea from this month is most relevant to you right now? Spend a few minutes asking God to show you how you’ve already grown in this area, plus the next step you need to take in order to keep growing.

So, what’s your next step? How can you stick with Jesus daily, even when your days are dark? What does it mean to you personally that Jesus is alive? Maybe you need to prioritize more moments to meet with Jesus, who is always there for us. Do you see ways Jesus wants you to share God’s love? Jesus wants all of us to share God’s love not just today but every day. How can you do that better?
Whatever your next step is right now, take it. Then help your kids do the same. 
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