Preteen Night: Ice Cream Olympics

Our inaugural Preteen Ice Cream Olympics was a success! Our Preteens passionately worked to complete each event, from searching for a rubber duck with their mouth in a bowl of ice cream to playing catch with a ball of ice cream.  They tackled every challenge as a team. And who knew they would be so vibrant when answering their trivia questions. I may have surprised them with my ability to answer one or two questions on my own.  

Church can mean so many things to so many people, and during our Ice Cream Olympics, we reminded students of the importance of teamwork and practice. Just as God encourages us to come to him in prayer on a daily basis, he also wants us to seek fellowship with one another while sharing the love of Christ. As we learned at service the day after our preteen event, Susanna Wesley knew in her heart the importance of gathering with her community to speak the word. She faced many challenges and obstacles, yet never gave up.

Our preteens were encouraged to work through the obstacles in life. They were reminded to lean on each other and their fellow church members in hard times as well as sharing the victories of success. Just like Olympic athletes practicing every day for a competition they have not yet experienced, we continue to pray, have faith, and follow the Word not knowing what each day will bring.
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