Parent's Day Out

In December 2022, we hosted our first Parent's Day Out.  It was an event loved by the kids that attended the event and their parents who were so appreciative to have a little break.  This past year, we hosted three different Parent's Day Out events in February, May and November.  Through these three events, we were able to connect and serve over 15 different families - most of whom are families who are visiting our church for the first time.  In addition to these families, we served a number of families within our church.  
Did I mention that one of the best parts of Parent's Day Out is it allows us to connect with new families?  After joining us for Parent's Day Out in February and May last year, the Champion Family started to join us for worship on Sundays.  Many of you know Amanda and her boys and we are so blessed to now have them as part of our church family.  
So what does a typical Parent's Day Out look like? 
Our Parent's Day Out is completely free and is open to children of all ages; some events have more toddlers and preschoolers and other times we have more elementary kids.  PDO is about three hours long, and during those three hours we do crafts, play games, eat dinner and most importantly begin to build relationships with the kids who join us.  Every PDO ends up being unique and nothing like the last one, because each time we have a different and unique group of kids.  
We will be hosting our next Parent's Day Out on February 10 from 3-6 PM.  If you are interested in having your child join us for this event, register here.  Or if you are interested in volunteering to help out, email Katie at

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