Kids Club March Series Preview

Glow in the Dark

A 5-Week Series from the Gospels on Easter. 
In the dark, a world of neon colors comes to life. Whether it’s the soft green of glow-in-the-dark stars or the bright colors of bioluminescent creatures, light can break through the darkness. When the world needed some light, God sent Jesus because he glows in the dark, and he can teach us how to shine with God’s light, too! In this five-week series through the Gospels, we’ll follow Jesus’ life leading up to Easter to see some of the ways he can shine bright in our lives. As we explore, we’ll see Jesus is the light in the darkness. We’ll also learn how we can choose Jesus and know God hears our cries while celebrating how Jesus died and rose again!
This week, kids see Jesus shine when he clears the temple courts.
  • BIG IDEA: We can shine God’s light.
  • BIBLE: John 2:13–22

This week, kids see God’s light through the story of the last supper.
  • BIG IDEA: Jesus is the light in the darkness.
  • BIBLE: Mark 14:12–26

This week, kids see what happened when Jesus was brought before the Roman Governor, Pilate.
  • BIG IDEA: We can choose Jesus.
  • BIBLE: Mark 15:1–15

This week, kids see how Jesus treated two criminals with love even as he died on the cross.
  • BIG IDEA: God hears our cries.
  • BIBLE: Luke 23:32–49

This week, kids see how God’s light overcame the darkness because Jesus is alive!
  • BIG IDEA: Jesus died and rose again!
  • BIBLE: John 20:1–18

Glow in the Dark Family Resources

Want to to continue the conversation from Sunday morning with your kids at home?  Check out our Family Resources from this month's series. 
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