Preteen Night: Escape Room

The past Saturday, we hosted our third Preteen Night.   We allowed our Preteens to vote on the theme this time and Escape Room was the overwhelming winner.  We had ten Preteen joins us for our Easter Themed Escape Room.

During the event our Preteens faced with the challenge of working out cyphers independently, along with completing various solo obstacles in the challenge room. Doing a puzzle blindfolded, walking with a balloon between your knees, or playing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ on a kazoo were easy for our students. Sitting for one minute, now this was a challenge that many of the kids found very daunting.  This was a shift from our previous Preteen Night: the Ice Cream Olympics, which focused on team effort and collaboration

I found myself thinking of how God reminds us to be still. In Psalm 46:10 we are reminded to, ‘Be still, and know I am God!” In a world that has constant movement, we can find ourselves struggling to appreciate the ‘pause.’  Just as our Preteens found the stillness a struggle, we often miss the beauty in the stillness. It was a joy to hear the kids share their thoughts at the end, relating how the challenges and cyphers started out hard and frustrating, but after they took the time to work it out, pause, and re-read the cyphers…. the process worked better. This made me appreciate how we can all learn from our kids: even if something is frustrating, take the time to appreciate the pause.
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