Fresh Expressions (FX) of Church

What we call a fresh expression is, in its simplest form, a pattern for believers to share their faith in their everyday lives.

“Every neighborhood in North America needs a church, and Fresh Expressions makes that possible, working in partnership with local congregations and leaders.”

Tricia Leistra Church Multiplication Operations Manager, Reformed Church in America

“Fresh Expressions is about listening to what the Spirit is already up to in our communities and forming wells for the living water that is already bubbling up from the ground.”

Michael Beck Director of Fresh Expressions FL

“A Fresh Expression is a form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church.”

Lucy Moore Messy Church, Founder & Team Leader

The Fresh Expressions Framework

The FX journey is a 6-part framework used by practitioners. Whilst there is a natural progression from one stage to the next this doesn’t mean it’s prescriptive. Pioneering is a creative process so you can often find yourself going backwards before you move forwards which is why the whole journey is underpinned by prayer, ongoing listening and a grace-filled relationship with the wider Church.

I Want to Learn More!

If this interests you...then let's learn together about how we can create Fresh Expressions of church and reach those who Jesus sends us to reach.

Some Resources to Get you Started

Fresh Expressions (FX) is an ever changing, highly adaptive ministry. No two FX are the same. In addition to some wonderful online resources, there are some good books as well that can help you learn.
FX Connect is an app, created by Fresh Expressions US, to connect, resource and inspire people who are passionate about fresh expressions of church.
The Fresh Expressions Florida Facebook Page shares events and inspiration from all over the Florida conference.
This short book gives an overview of the Fresh Expressions Movement and its innovative approach to reaching those who would perhaps never come to our church buildings.
This book is your guide to following Jesus in a 21st- century way! Often “church” can seem out of touch, or only for “professional Christians.” Maybe you’ve tried to make your faith relevant. but you long for more. 
My Method For Starting Fresh Expressions of Church: My friend bought a couch. Except it wasn’t one of the ones from a furniture-maker or showroom; she bought it online and it came in a box. With parts. Unassembled. And so, when the box...
Why Some Churches Adapt and Others Do Not: Things are changing faster than ever. Churches, like many organizations, struggle to know what to do. Occasionally, you find a church that seems to be able to take new challenges