Loving God, Loving Others, Sharing Christ


To be a relevant, vibrant,
 growing church that seeks
 and shares God's love
with the community.


Celebrate and display the vibrancy of God’s love!
Honor Jesus’ mission!
Raise people to maturity in Christ!
Invest in His kingdom!
Seek to bring all to God!
Tell the community who Jesus is!
CHRIST leads us in all we do!”

2026 Vision

200 Professions of Faith
Increase ethnic diversity by 10% each year
Send 100 people out to launch another church
50% of AWA engaged in small groups each year
Average 30 children per service and 75 youth in 412
Organize a minimum of 12 community engagements per year
Every small group to lead & participate in a mission by end of 2021
20% of members tithe and 50% of members contribute by end of 2026
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