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Fleming Island UMC is a place where you can Love God, Love Others and Share Jesus. Our mission is to be a relevant, vibrant, growing church that seeks and shares God's love with the community.
I'm am so glad you stopped by to learn more about us! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. –Pastor Faith

Meet the team.

Faith Parry

Lead Pastor
Faith became the pastor of Fleming Island UMC in June of 2022. She was raised in Auburn, AL but has called Florida home since high school. Her husband, AJ, is in the Army National Guard. They have 1 daughter.

Valerie Coppage

Office Admin & VBS Coordinator
Valerie has been a part of our church almost since the beginning. She's now raising her grandbaby within our congregation. No matter what you need...Valerie is a great place to start!

Julie Wade

Interim Worship Leader
Julie has been a part of our church since 2003, raising her kids with us and using her wide variety of gifts to serve the church. She has a strong heart for ministry and loves worship.

Katie Strickland

Children & Youth Minister
Katie is a product of Fleming Island. She was raised in our church and is now back to serve in ministry here. She has 2 beautiful children, a dog, and chickens. She'd tell you that her life is never dull.

What To Expect on Sunday

  • Some arrive early to get the best seats, and others arrive during the second song
  • People dress however they feel comfortable, from shorts & flip-flops to khakis & a polo
  • Light refreshments before and after service, including coffee and pastries
  • Nursery provided for Birth through VPK with background-checked adults and CPR certification
  • A mix of traditional worship elements (responsive readings) and modern music
  • Scripture reading and teaching for adults and children's
  • Communion weekly open to everyone as a sign of God's unending grace

Ways to Worship

  • In Person at 9:30 am – 7170 Highway 17, Fleming Island, FL 32003 – Our worship center is the last building on our property, with the covered drop off (note we share a driveway with Sacred Heart Catholic Church. They are on the left, and we are on the right)
  • Online Live at 9:30 am Eastern Time or Recorded any Time Later – We stream and record our service to the following platforms:
Listen to our most sung worship songs on Spotify and Apple Music. See what's expected in worship this week by clicking here.

Who We Are

Fleming Island UMC is a place where everyone can be themselves without judgment. Our church creates a welcoming environment that encourages people to engage in worship, friendships, spiritual growth, and service.

Our worship service is a mix of modern music and liturgical prayers. From our beginning, communion has been the heart of our worship because we believe it's where God sees and accepts us fully. Therefore, we worship through communion every Sunday. Most people dress casually, but they welcome people to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable. See more about who we are below.

Our church family is diverse and welcomes all people, regardless of background, economic status, race, or orientation.

What We Believe

What is a United Methodist?

A Christian who is part of a global denomination called The United Methodist Church. The organizational structure is often described as “the connection.” When you participate in a UM congregation, you make an impact worldwide.

What do you do at your church services?

You can expect readings from the Bible, preaching, singing, and Holy Communion (Lord’s Supper, Eucharist). UM believe that Christ hosts Holy Communion so all are welcome to participate. It is not for members only!

What does a United Methodist believe?

Believe in actualizing their faith in the community — actions speak louder than words. They live by 3 simple rules: “Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God.” Some beliefs we share with other Christians are the Trinity (God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and Jesus’ birth, death, and Resurrection.

Do United Methodists have something like a pope?

No pope, no central office, and no archbishop. UM have a structure that, in some ways, parallels that of the U.S. government. The church has a General Conference, its legislative branch; a Council of Bishops, somewhat like an executive branch; and a nine-member Judicial Council, the judicial branch.

Do you do missionary work? What kind?

UM serve the world, showing Christ’s love through tangible means. From sustainable water systems, to health care, micro-lending, advocacy, and helping eliminate malaria deaths, UM have many ways for people to live out their faith in the community. Many UM are active in both local missions and global efforts.

What do you do with financial donations?

When you give to a local UM congregation, you support ministries worldwide. While the largest percentage of your gift supports local church ministries, a portion goes beyond the community to make a difference worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time is worship?
Worship starts at 9:30, although it's ok if you're late. It's not uncommon to see our worshippers wander in during the service as they can. Part of who we are is that we would rather you arrive late than not come.
What Should I wear?
People wear what they feel comfortable in. Some men wear button-down shirts, and others wear t-shirts. Some ladies wear dresses, and others wear jeans. We have no expectations, but unlike Jimmy Buffet, we do ask you to wear a shirt. 😉
What if my child makes noise?
We love children! Let's be honest: no child sits perfectly still. If you choose to keep your child with you for the entire worship service, no one will be bothered by him or her making noise in worship. We also have a bookshelf with coloring sheet, fidgets, and noise-canceling headphones to help ensure the worship experience is enjoyable for you and your child.
Will I be accepted?
No matter what causes a person to ask this question, the answer is yes. Part of our church culture is that we strive to be a group made up of people who are different but worship together. You'll find different political opinions, orientations, and economic backgrounds within our congregation. Our one requirement is that people be kind and respectful of each other.