What We Believe

Here's what we believe in a nut shell. Want to know more? Contact Pastor Faith for coffee and ask all your questions.
  • Church is for everyone. We have no dress code and no requirements. We don't care you background or what you're struggling with. You're created by God and are loved by God. That's all that matters to us. That's why our focus is "Love God - Love Others."
  • The Bible is the inspired word of God. He wrote it through his devoted followers over the course of time. Its messages, both the Old and New Testaments, still apply to us today.
  • We believe Jesus died for our sins long before we ever committed them. That means before we ask for forgiveness, he's already forgiven us. Once we receive that free gift, it's our choice if we will live into this new identity in him. That's why our last part of our focus is to "Share Jesus."
  • The Church is a modern institution. Sometimes the people within it make mistakes, and when we do we apologize. Jesus called us to work together to share his Good News with the word–that he loves everyone and died for everyone. We work hard to not let our differences keep up us from that mission.
  • God is the only God. He exists in three persons, all unique but part of God–Father, Son and Spirit. God also shows himself in the world through the Spirit. He can be found in everyday things like music, nature, movies, and conversations. As Christians we have a rhythm of finding him in worship when we gather for the sake of seeking him.
  • We believe in gathering around the Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion. The elements aren't magical, but they are a tangible way we can experience God's grace and forgiveness on a regular basis. All are invited and there is no requirement to come receive this gift.

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