Stop Going to Church

This Sunday's sermon is one you might not expect. The title is "Stop Going to Church." Naturally, that's odd for me, your pastor, to say. But I'm saying it because God never intended the church to be our building or what we do on Sunday mornings.

God created the church to be a movement of people, living out the testimony of Jesus every day, everywhere we go. The gathering of the church regularly is like a family reunion, to celebrate all that God has been doing, to support each other, and to renew the soul so we can go back out into the world and keep being a witness.
With all that I am, I believe our world needs us to "be the church," not "go to church."
Next week, we're going to have a conversation about how to start doing just that with a ministry called Fresh Expressions. It's a way to take the church out into the community. I hope you'll join me in this.

Also, next week, I'm going to start a 5-week sermon series to reflect deeper on how we can be fruitful in everything we do.

Buckel up and get ready...I believe God's going to do a new thing!
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