Maximizing What We Have

The phrase "being good stewards" has lots of meanings. The best way to describe it is from Luke, when Jesus talks about how we're to be ready at all times for him to return:
And the Lord replied, "A faithful, sensible servant is one to whom the master can give the responsibility of managing his other household servants and feeding them. If the master returns and finds that the servant has done a good job, there will be a reward. –Luke 12:42-43, NLT
We often use this phrase to refer to the proper management of money, but it means so much more. As your pastor, I am responsible for working with your laity teams to help steward our church. We have to ask ourselves which servant we are, from Jesus' teaching in Matthew 25:14-30. I hope we're the type that looks at what we have and figure out how to multiply it for God's glory.

I share this with you today because I spend a portion of my time every week seeking ways to multiply what we have. I wanted to share some of these efforts with you and invite you to be a part of them.
  • Subsplash - This is the system we use for our website, church app, and Livestream. I have been digging in to ensure we're using all the features we pay for, getting the most for our money. Technology isn't for everyone, but it can connect our in-person and online worshippers. Don't be surprised if you see more about this coming. I encourage you to explore the church app if you haven't already.
  • Our Facilities - We have beautiful space around the church. It's my goal that we maximize every inch to give a striking first impression of them. To do this, we are working to clean up our spaces, and put anything we don't need in the October yard sale. All proceeds from the yard sale will go back into our facilities.
You can get involved in many of these efforts. We'll be cleaning out spaces over the coming 6-weeks. I'll also be putting out info on what's new in the church app.
To start with, check out the new section of our app, group messaging. This is a safe and secure way to communicate with groups within the church and share prayer requests. Send me an email if you have a group you'd like listed.

To find it on your mobile device (phone or tablet):
1.  Open the app
2.  Click the message icon in the top right corner.
3.  Click Discover and find a group.
It will default to the conversations tab when you open the messages. You can click the + sign to send a direct message to someone. When you go to type, you can click the + next to the type field to insert other things, such as prayer requests, which you can then filter in your group.
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