The Parsonage will be Open

Believe it or not, we've unpacked, hung the pictures, and the Parry family wants to invite you over to see all the work the church has done in the parsonage.

Everything done to prepare our home for us has blessed us so much. It was a busy week moving and unpacking during Vacation Bible School, but here we are, about 8-weeks later. I won't say anything will change from this point forward because...let's be house is ever fully settled.

We're Inviting You

AJ, Abigail, and I are inviting you to an Open House so you can see firsthand the fruits of the labors of our church members. We want everyone to see the outcome of many hours of work inside and outside the house. Plus, we understand that many people haven't seen the parsonage in a long time.

Please join us for a drop-in open house Saturday, September 17th, from 4-6 pm. We don't need anything, so please don't feel the need to bring us anything. If you feel like you need to do something, you're welcome to give a gift to Trustees specifically for the parsonage for future upkeep. 


We are also excited to start to fully live out the BLESS practices by holding an Open House for our neighbors on Friday the 16th. We've had some wonderful conversations with some neighbors as we've moved. Please be in prayer while we strive to live in community through the home we've been given.

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