Time to Share

I'm not sure if you've figured it out, but there's a reason, a method to the themes of the sermons. I spend a lot of time praying over worship planning and what to preach. It's part of the long-term planning for our church.

Thinking ahead helps me be able to stop when things arise each week and not feel unprepared. Or, I know the plan is in place, so I can handle what's placed before me as it comes.
  • UnDone | I shared how God called me into Ministry
  • In God We Trust | when life is crazy or seems chaotic, we can be assured when our trust is in God.
  • Stop Going to Church | we must be the church and not let the building confine us
  • Neighboring | what does it mean to love people as Jesus did?
  • Unlocking Prayer | seeking God and dreaming big for ourselves and our church

That brings us to our next week's series: Christianity for Atheists. I'm so excited about this series because it's going to do multiple things:
  1. Help us look at our Faith from the perspective of those who weren't raised Christian or who have left the Faith for some reason.
  2. Give us topics that make it easy to invite people to join us in worship (in-person or online)
  3. Equip us to answer questions we may not have known how to respond to in the past.

This sermon series will take us through Thanksgiving, all the way to Advent. We've learned how to love others, and we've been praying that God will use us; now, let's put that into even more tangible action up front as a church.

Your Part

This is where you come in. There may be things in this series that challenge the way you've considered things. I'm not trying to change your mind, but show different ways we reflect and discuss ideas with people who aren't a part of the church. If you want clarification on something at any point, come by the office and talk with me. I'd love to discuss any questions that arise for you.

Pick up an invitation card and share it with someone. Share it with someone you've been building a new relationship with or someone who doesn't have a church home. Remember, we have both online and in-person worship. If the person you invite isn't comfortable coming to worship in person, ask them to watch worship with you in your home to support their journey.

Share the event on Facebook. Post and tweet your thoughts after worship. Now is the time to be transparent about what we're learning in our minds and souls.

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