Pantry Field Trip

In December, we joined with Sacred Heart Catholic Church next door for a joint parking lot food drive. My heart was so warmed when Deacon Rich contacted us about joining forces to serve those around us in this way. It was such an amazing day, filled with Multi-generation service and cross-denomination Kingdom work.
Last week, I got the opportunity to take a field trip over to the Green Cove Springs Food Pantry. If you're not aware of this Food Pantry, it was started in 1989 and they just recently were able to get access to a larger facility thanks to the City of Green Cove Springs. Grant money helped them get commercial freezers and refrigerators, along with these metal shelves so they can store the food they distribute.
As a church, we have had a variety of interactions with the food pantry over the years. One that is unique to us is the Birthday Bags which are collected in July as the VBS mission project. Wynema, the pantry's director who is pictured above, told me that people's faces light up when they receive a birthday bag.

How You Can Help

If you'd like to help support the Food Pantry, there are multiple ways.

  1. You can give a cash donation. They purchase fresh groceries that they give with the non-perishables so people have a combination of both. Your cash donations go to purchase these items.
  2. You can pick up non-perishables from the grocery store. Wynema says, "Every can counts." If you see a BOGO at the grocery store, but don't need the second item, donate the second.
  3. Save your paper and reusable grocery bags. All groceries are handed out in paper bags, but those bags aren't free. If you get yours from the store in these paper bags, save them and donate them. Every dollar saved can be used to purchase food. The pantry also gives out resources for the homeless. Reusable bags are given so they can carry their items on their bikes.

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