Amazing People Doing Amazing Things

This past Saturday, around 20 people from our church came to worship, eat, and plan how God can use us this year. The day's theme was Overflow: Planning for Loving Others in Abundance.
I enjoyed being the empower in the room, not the teacher or the leader. I got to answer questions and permit people to try new things. As my previous Bishop used to say, "It's better to try something and fail than not try at all."
What was really cool was how multiple teams came up with similar ideas. For example, 3 teams decided in 3 different ways they wanted to reach out to nursing homes in the area. Along those lines, the Men's Ministry and the Missions Team decided to work together to do a Habitat for Humanities project this year. Children's is also coordinating some mission projects for the kids to participate in.
What I love the most is the intentionality. We talked a lot about intentionality–making every event connect with people who are not yet a part of our church. Each group spoke about how their event could help the church reach out to friends, let our church love our community, and make new relationships.
I can't wait to see what comes from the work started in this event. We hope to have another one in the fall, so look for the date and join us for the next one!

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