Not Keeping Score Series Preview

Everyone has relationships of some kind: family, friendships, dating, partners, or marriage. No matter the type of relationship, we all want them to be things that give meaning and help us in life. This 3-week series looks at some of the things that often make relationships feel like they are dragging us down, how to fix it, and what God says is the right way to do it.
This series connects to our loving others part of our mission. When we deepen our relationships, we show love to those in our life.

Series in a Nut Shell

This series is about how we can live into any relationship we have in our life as God calls us to. The Bible says a lot about family, friends, business relationships, and romantic relationships. So, how do we live these connections out in a way that gives us life and honors God?

Why I'm Preaching It

There's no way to go through life without peopling. We have coworkers (or clients), we have family, friends, our support systems, people we choose to spend life with. For some of us, we have a special someone that we meet and commit to. Here at Fleming Island UMC, we have people who are living life after their loved one has passed, they are journeying with their significant other, or they are in the beginning stages of adulthood and trying to balance friends and work. It doesn't matter the type of relationships, God asks us to treat them all with honor and respect.

It's my hope that this series will have something for everyone of all ages. When it's done, the intention is that we will all be a little more godly in our relationship and loving others as God does.

Go Deeper

If you want to go deeper for romantic couples, I recommend the book Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy? by Gary Thomas
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