Will You Say Yes

Seeing our church grow over the past year has been so exciting! One of the things I've learned so far in ministry is that it's not always easy for someone newer in a church to find where they are "allowed" to serve or volunteer.

You can serve or volunteer anywhere you want. These are the only things that have requirements:
  • If you serve with our children or youth, we require a background check (that we run) and training on our practices to keep our minors and volunteers safe from misconduct.
  • You must be a church member if you want to serve on an administrative committee (church council, finance, staffing, or trustees). You can attend and listen to most of these meetings. You can join a ministry team and not be a member (children, youth, worship, women, etc.).

Past these two things, all areas of the church are open to anyone who wants to participate. Do you like to sing? Are you interested in helping serve communion? Do you love babies and want to sit in the nursery? Would you like to help make coffee on Sunday?

I firmly believe that the church runs better when we all use the gifts God gave us and our passions.

In the back of the worship center, you'll see papers where our ministries have opportunities for people to serve right now. These will keep changing over the next few weeks. Let me know if you don't see one that fits your gifts. We'll find the place that works for you.

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