When people need help, shine Jesus’ light!

This was one of our biggest years of VBS in a long time! We had 66 kids participate and 46 volunteers (adults and students) throughout the week. Some volunteers were there all 5 days and some could only come a day or two, but every set of hands makes a difference. THANK YOU to everyone who made this week possible!

When people need help, shine Jesus’ light!

“Let your good deeds shine...so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” –Matthew 5:16
On the last day, the kids talked about ways we can help others and show God's love. We also learned about Halley's Comet.
In Bible Adventures, the children learned from Acts 8:26-39 how Philip had to help someone understand the Bible. God led him to a new friend to share Jesus' love.
At Imagination Station, we learned about zero gravity and created a ramp for an astronaut to travel down.
In Games, the kids played a game called shooting stars, where they used water bottles to move cups (stars) to the other side.
Our mission project for the week was to create a Birthday Bag for the Green Cove Food Pantry. We collected 51 bags! If you'd like to bring a bag for the food pantry, there's still time. We will donate them on August 26 during our Parking Lot Food Drive.

We also had a wonderful VBS celebration this evening. Many family and friends came out to watch their kids sing the songs they learned. Afterwards, we danced together and ate pizza. We're so thankful to Pizza Hut in Green Cove Springs for donating the pizza for the event.

To help protect the privacy of our children, the pictures below cannot be downloaded. If you see a picture of your child you'd like, we'd love to share it with you. You can text or email Pastor Faith. You can also look for her at closing ceremony, on Facebook, or at the Family worship night Friday.
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