Prayer Experiment Preview

Our go-to response is, "I'll pray for you." Most of us will stop and say a short prayer. But what if there was more? What if there was a way to tap into God's power and pray like they did in the New Testament? Imagine if we as a church tapped into God's power to guide, direct, and transform our community through us.
This is a loving God and loving others series. We will focus on how to dial into praying for God to do more than we can imagine and to seek his guidance to build his kingdom on earth.

Series in a Nut Shell

Dunamis is the New Testament’s original Greek word for the resurrection power of God’s Spirit. When we pray, it’s an opportunity to ask God’s Spirit to break through and transform our lives and our world.

This series will guide our congregation into a deeper understanding of how to pray together, a united prayer, with the sole purpose of asking God to do something amazing through us that we can’t even imagine yet.

Why I'm Preaching It

God has been doing amazing things in our church! Now's the time to ensure we're doing everything by his power and direction, now ours. There's something unique that happens when God's people pray together so for 28 days, we're going to journey in prayer and unify our voice for where God is taking us.

Go Deeper

  • I'm challenging everyone to read the 28 Day devotional Dynamite Prayer by Rosario Ricardo and Sue Nilson Kibbey. We purchased some at a discount, so you can pick one up from us for an $8 donation. You can also purchase the book in digital form.
    • There will be 5 Zoom group meetings Sunday afternoons at 4pm, starting with the series to talk about the book. Learn more about this group here.
  • Join our Discussion Feed and share your thoughts, questions, and how God challenges you.
  • Download the church app and follow along with the sermon notes during the messages, along with the thoughts to unpack after the sermon.
  • Follow us on our social pages for daily devotions Monday-Friday, to go deeper into each week's concepts.
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