Top of the Evening

The men went out to Jacksonville this week to hit some golf balls. Why? Because spending time together and doing something you enjoy is what it means to fellowship!

Church is about more than worship. If we're to grow closer to God together, we need to build relationships with one another. When we have friendships, we can support each other in our work, family, and spirit lives.
Our men's ministry restarted this year, so it's the perfect time to get involved. Fill out the form below to get updates on the next event. What would you like to do or where would you like to go:
  • Eat wings?
  • Play pool?
  • Beer tasting?
  • Fishing?
Fellowship is ministry, so reach out to our Men's leader, Howard below. Tell him that you want to be a part of future events, and share ideas you have about things to do!
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