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Top of the Evening
by Faith Parry on September 13th, 2023
The men went out to Jacksonville this week to hit some golf balls. Why? Because spending time together and doing something you enjoy is what it means to fellowship!Church is about more than worship. If we're to grow closer to God together, we need to build relationships with one another. When we have friendships, we can support each other in our work, family, and spirit lives. Our men's ministry r...  Read More
Thank You Men
by Clay County Habitat on May 20th, 2023
What an amazing day!  Thank you for being love in action and being part of the change for affordable housing,  where every volunteer helps to build strength, stability, and independence! According to the Independent Sector, the average national value of a volunteer is estimated at $31.80 an hour, although we know that the heart of a volunteer is priceless!  Your contribution of service helps exten...  Read More
Community BBQ
by Howard Rieger on April 22nd, 2023
The Men’s  Ministry today had a  great turnout for our first community bbq. The weather was awesome as well as the fellowship. We even introduced a few members of our community to the excellent work our church is doing  in spreading the gospel!!! Thank you to all that attended. Looking forward to our next one. ...  Read More
Turning Up the Lights
by Faith Parry on March 23rd, 2023
If you have driven through the church parking lot at night recently, you might notice something different. Our parking lot now puts off a wonderful glow from our new LED parking lot lights, making it safe for everyone walking to their cars.I want to start with a BIG thank you to Dave, Chip, and PJ for working on this project. Keeping up with the little things makes a huge impact. Although it was p...  Read More