Visit to Bannerman

For their December meeting, the Boomers (our older adults), went and toured Bannerman Learning Center. The Boomers are our newest group on campus and chose Bannerman to be their mission focus. Normally, they meet at the church, have brunch together, then put together something to show love to the teachers at the school.
On this occasion, we took a trip to the school to learn about their programs. I was blown away at what they do with a small campus and even smaller funding.

4 Programs

There are 4 separate programs at the school:
  1. Students with Disciplinary Issues - This is the program people think of first. When middle school and high school students have continued issues at their zoned schools, they have a plan written up to help them work through whatever issues have caused the issues. That plan is then executed at Bannerman. The principal and assistant principal told us a large majority of these disciplinary issues are because students have fallen behind in their course work, so they can't follow along with the teaching. Their first objective is to help them get caught up. They have a very high rate of students returning to their zoned schools, caught up and ready to be a part of their normal classes.
  2. Students at Risk of Not Graduating - These high school students come to Bannerman by choice. Their guidance counselors have informed them that they have fallen behind to such an excess, they won't graduate if they continue as they are. However, they can join the program at Bannerman and get caught up. The students complete online courses on their own, with teachers available to help if they have issues. Bannerman not only has a majority of students graduate, but many graduate early. We met a young woman who is graduating a year and half early after entering the program.
  3. Teenage Mothers - The greatest fear when a teenage girl gets pregnant is for her to graduate high school and figure out how to make her way in the world. At Bannerman, there is a daycare so a young mother can bring her child each morning to be looked after while she goes to classes. In addition, they have cooking classes and other things to help give her the tools to manage life after graduation.
  4. Specialized Special Needs - The last program is for kids with special needs that cannot be in a traditional school program. The Bannerman program has very small classrooms and is very structured. This environment is very specialized to ensure those with the greatest need receive the proper resources.

What We Do

Bannerman doesn't receive a lot of funding from the state or county because there are not a lot of students. It also doesn't have an A rating like many schools, which brings a school more money. There are no sports and no parent organizations. This means they do a lot with very little.

The Boomers place little items in the teacher workroom every month so that they know someone cares.

We have learned that there are other items the school can use. Many of the students don't have much at home. The school's motto is to help them feel respected. If need be, they wash clothes and give them what they need at home to be ready for class each day.
  • Gently Used Collared Shirts (button down and polo) Adult XS and up
  • Gently Used Shoes
  • Feminine Products
  • Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant, etc.
  • Socks

If you have anything you'd like to donate, please bring it to worship or the church office.

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