Where is God When Heaven is Silent

Sermon Summary 🎬

This sermon titled “Where is God when heaven is silent?” explores the concept of silence, focusing on Holy Saturday and parallels to our prayer life. Holy Saturday symbolizes uncertainty and doubt, testing faith and offering an opportunity for growth. The sermon emphasizes the importance of community support, creating spaces of stillness to hear God’s voice, and the role of doubt and faith in spiritual journeys. Attendees were encouraged to engage in a silent exercise to listen for God’s response and recognize His presence in moments of quiet reflection.

Discussion Questions 💬

  1. How does the silence of Holy Saturday relate to the silence we might experience in our own prayer lives?
    Pastor Faith Parry talked about the silence and uncertainty of Holy Saturday, a day when Jesus’ followers were left wondering why God was not speaking or acting.
    When have you experienced a similar silence or uncertainty in your relationship with God, and how did you respond to it?
  2. How does Psalm 22 demonstrate the pattern of crying out to God in suffering followed by worship and praise?
    In the sermon, Pastor Faith mentioned that Jesus quoted the first line of Psalm 22 when he felt abandoned on the cross, but the entire psalm shows a transition from suffering to worship.
    How can we incorporate this pattern into our own prayer lives when going through difficult times?
  3. Why is being part of a supportive community important during times of doubt and uncertainty?
    The sermon emphasized that the followers of Jesus gathered together on Holy Saturday to support one another and seek answers.
    Share an experience when you felt supported by your faith community during a time of doubt or uncertainty.
  4. How can we create moments of stillness and silence in our lives to better hear God’s voice?
    Pastor Faith encouraged finding places or spaces that help us connect with God and create moments of stillness in our busy lives.
    What are some practical ways you can incorporate stillness and silence into your daily routine?
  5. What role does doubt play in our spiritual journeys, and how can it contribute to the maturing process of our faith?
    The sermon mentioned Mother Teresa experiencing doubt in her faith, highlighting the relationship between doubt and faith in Christianity.
    Share a time when doubt led to growth in your faith or understanding of God.

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