8 Days and Over 500 People Fed

Over eight days, March 16-23, we participated in 3 events and helped feed people across Clay County. Thank you to everyone who helped, either by volunteering, donating items, or giving financially!

Hunger Fight's 2nd Annual Faith in Action

A team of us went to Jacksonville to pack food at a table our church sponsored. This event was the 2nd Annual Faith in Action that Hunger Fight has put on. Churches sponsored all the tables. It was so much fun. Thanks to our church's financial support, we packed 420 meals and brought back 630 meals to donate to our local food pantry. The collection of church volunteers packed more than 24,000 packages of meals!

The Kitchen of Clay County

The Women's Ministry served at our monthly The Kitchen of Clay County commitment. They had a wonderful time preparing sandwiches and serving soups. In total, they served 143 meals. Afterwards, they went and had lunch together. This is part of their ministry's goal to serve and fellowship together.

Food Drive for The Food Pantry of Green Cove Springs

We gathered with Sacred Heart Catholic Church for another food drive the following weekend. The timing of these two events was terrific because we got to bring all the food we collected the previous weekend and give it to the food pantry. In all, the food drive collected over 2,200 pounds of food. The church paid for and brought 375 pounds of that food from the Faith in Action event. 250 pounds of food our team packed with our own hands!

Thank you to everyone who helped us do incredible work to serve others in such a short amount of time!

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