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Starting the Year Serving
by Faith Parry on January 25th, 2024
The Kitchen of Clay County has become one of our favorite ways to serve our community. This past weekend, 6 of our members went out to Middleburg to serve those in our community who need some support. We don't ask why they need the meals or check their qualifications. If people show up and ask for food, we give it to them. The team showed up with 5 crock pots of soup and stuff to make sandwiches. 131 servi...  Read More
New Hands Helping
by Valerie Coppage on September 16th, 2023
Volunteering at The Kitchen of Clay County this morning... 5 members of the More 2 Life small group were out of town, but 8 church friends stepped in to volunteer for the first time with us!  We had a great time making and serving 87 soup & sandwich lunches to those in need....  Read More
Soups and Sandwiches
by Faith Parry on August 19th, 2023
Members of the Missions and Worship Teams volunteered at The Kitchen of Clay County, Middleburg location, this morning.  We served  137 soup & sandwich lunches as well as prepackaged breakfast,  lunch and dessert items courtesy of Waste Not Want Not and their partners.  This is a great way for students to get community service hours.  We had 2 students from Paxon High School volunteering with us t...  Read More
Women Help a Stranger
by Faith Parry on July 18th, 2023
The women of Fleming Island (with some of their male counterparts) banded together to cook, make sandwiches, and serve our community. With only 7 sets of hands, this quick working group of ladies served soup, sandwiches, and pulled pork to our community through the Middleburg location of the Clay County kitchen. Their results? 150 lunches served!Did you know that older children and youth are welco...  Read More
Small Group Big Impact
by Valerie Coppage on May 20th, 2023
Today was a great day for Volunteering!  Members of our Men's Ministry began their day at 8:00 am painting at one of the Habitat for Humanity homes in Green Cove Springs.   At 10:00 am, members of the More 2 Life small group & friends met at the Middleburg location of the Kitchen of Clay County to prepare and serve 106 soup & sandwich lunches to those in need....  Read More
Teams Serving Together
by Faith Parry on April 16th, 2023
This month's group at Clay County's Kitchen was a combination of the Missions Team and the Worship Team. These two laity groups are small buty might. Each team helps plan their respective ministries and organize much of what our church experiences. Ever few months, they join together to serve at the kitchen. With just a few hands, and a lot of joy, they served 151 fresh soups and sandwiches to peo...  Read More
February Clay County Kitchen
by Valerie Coppage on February 18th, 2023
What a great way to spend a Saturday morning helping others in our community! Members of our Pace Island Small Group volunteered at The Kitchen of Clay County, Middleburg location, today preparing and serving 132 lunches to those in need....  Read More
Recap of Clay County Kitchen
by Faith Parry on December 1st, 2022
It's been the goal of our missions committee to find ways for us to serve our community, building relationships with others and those within our church at the same time. There were some things that missions took off their list for organizations to support this year, feeling it didn't meet their goal. However, in June, they added the Clay County Kitchen because it hit although the marks.We've had o...  Read More
October in the Bag
by Faith Parry on November 10th, 2022
October was a busy month, but we have so many things to celebrate. Many know this, but I wasn't in favor of doing the pumpkin patch this year. Why? Because I was worried it would over-tax our congregation's time. Why am I telling you this? Because I was wrong and I'm glad to be wrong.I'm a firm believer in sharing my opinion and then stepping back. The church council rallied together to bring the ...  Read More
Preparing Sandwiches Dipping Soup
by Faith Parry on August 21st, 2022
Another team volunteered this morning at The Kitchen of Clay County, Middleburg UMC location. Preparing sandwiches, dipping up bowls of soup, taking orders as people drove up and then bagging up and delivering their lunches to their cars was a very rewarding way to spend a Saturday morning. We served 80 lunches today!...  Read More
The Kitchen is Open!
by Faith Parry on June 30th, 2022
The Kitchen Is Open!   Every week, the community comes together to nourish both body and soul of anyone who is hungry.   FIUMC small groups will staff The Kitchen’s Middleburg location on the third Saturday of each month serving hot soup, salads, fruit and sandwiches.   On July 16th the More to Life small group will be preparing and serving lunch.   Be sure to save the upcoming dates to your calen...  Read More