Seeing God at the Hospital

I have been battling with retaining water and kept gaining weight and looked like I was pregnant (I wish), but I did everything I thought I needed to do, and here I am

After months of trying, frustration, praying, staying patient, and somewhat thinking God was on mute and waiting for God to give me a sign, Mom pushed me as much as she could. Still, I finally got some close friends pushing me to tell me to tell my doctor what was going on and that I needed to step up and do something. I went to the ER and was diagnosed. Later on, I found out I had congestive heart failure, and this was new. I had never heard this from my old heart doctor; later on, my on-call heart doctor told me to drink water, but only 1.5 letters a day, and not to eat over 2,000 mg of sodium, and the next day, I went to get a cath and was awake.

When the surgeon told me I had a blockage in my LVAD, I knew that God was already preparing me for a change. I didn't realize it was this, other than the new restrictions, and I said, you do what you can do, prolong my heart and save me from a heart attack. All, God wasn't on mute. He was waiting on me to help myself more, go beyond the stubbornness, and let God help me provide these doctors with guidance and wisdom. He sure did. I changed heart doctors and now have guidance. I just may have to have this "baby" fluid drained out from my stomach and possibly a valve replacement. If u ask, does this mean (it's time for a transplant) no, just come up to me, and I'll explain that it is not time for that. I'm still able to be listed currently.

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