34th Heart-iversary

In 1989, Heather is believed to be the youngest Floridian to receive a heart transplant at the time. She was 2 years old when she received her new heart at Shands. She contracted a live virus and gave her (cardiomyopathy) her heart was to big and it  was failing. She was the 61st person to receive a transplant by the University of Florida doctors, but one they would always remember because of her age. Heather was in the hospital for three months and was told she was close to dieing, after the procedure. After a long recovery road, she soon got to live life much like kids her age, minus the regular doctor checkups and medications and things she had to okay with drs like shots and she couldn't have or live virus.,she has to be cautious of even till this day. Her brother was only 2 years older than her, so Carol had her hands full.

Growing up in Putnam county, she has a story in the local papers That heather wrote to the palatka daily news 17 years after her heart transplant, she wrote a follow up article, when she had completed high school. Heather said this in the article, "I've had to deal with the doctors and the medicine and the others things. But I'm healthy. I'm proud to be alive. And I feel blessed."

That response is the person I think of when I think of Heather. She and I are 1 year a part in age. Heather is never too much in a hurry to stop and take a picture of a beautiful sunset or flower. Every time something comes up with her health, she gives it to God, and thanks him for every day on earth she's been given. Even as her future she knows she will need another heart and a kidney from the medications giving  her kidney failure but the organ transplant would have to be both around the same time or even next day  from what her doctors discused with  her,the heart transplant cant last a life time it fails and gets stiff over the years after all shes 34 years out now but she knows she will have eternal life with Jesus and to not have fear  1. Isaiah 41:10
“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand
her goal is to influence everyone in her walk on earth to live like each day is ur last and to have joy because were not promised tomorrow  

The Palatka Daily News did another article on her in 2020, which was 31 years after her transplant. If you'd like to read it, click here.

This Sunday, we'll be celebrating Heather's 34 Heart Anniversary!

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