New People Building Connections

Last week, we experienced our 3rd mixer event.

I came home from a conference last year with the idea to hold a mixer in a neutral location (not the church) with the goal of helping new worshipers meet people and feel better connected to the church. We held our first event April 2023.

Last week, we learned we could have too many people on this patio to be comfortable!  Is that not a wonderful problem to have?!  We’ve had 62 people attend 3 of these events. That’s 62 people we’ve helped connect better into the church.

Last week, I sent out a survey to get feedback from those who have attended. The hope was to make this event more effective as we keep growing. Here’s what I learned:
  • People want to meet people
  • We like to eat (as good Methodists do)
  • Icebreakers work

If you’re new to our congregation and haven’t made it to one yet, keep an eye out. We’ll have more scheduled soon.
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