Little Things Go a Long Way

There are many places where a little can go a long way. This is especially true when it comes to kindness and love.

When Karen arrived at our church, she had a passion for helping show love to the teachers at Bannerman Learning Center. As a retired teacher, she knew firsthand how hard teaching is and how important it is for a teacher to feel loved and supported. She wanted the Bannerman teachers to experience this support, even though they didn't have a parent association like most schools.

I'm thankful for Karen bringing her heart's desire to our Mission Team and bringing it to our new discipleship group, Boomers. After 5 months of providing small acts of kindness monthly, the teachers of Bannerman sent us the thank you pictured above. Here are some of the notes they wrote:

  • Thank you for your constant support and encouragement.
  • The food was amazing. Thank you!
  • Thank you for being so thoughtful!
  • Y'all are amazing!
  • We appreciate you!
  • It was a much needed pick-me up :)
  • Thank you for all the nice treats!!
  • Thank you for your love and generosity!
  • Thank you all! The food/treats have been amazing.
  • Thank you for your kindness
  • Thank you. God Bless.

Karen wouldn't want this to be about her. I share her in this ministry celebration because when we seek where God wants to use us in our community and then give our presence, gifts, and service, amazing things happen for God's glory!

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