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Breakfast for Fellowship of Christian Athletes
by Katie Strickland on October 12th, 2023
Did you know that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the ONLY faith-based organization at Fleming Island High School? Fellowship of Christian Athletes or FCA is a student-led interdenominational Christian ministry with a goal of seeing the world transformed through Jesus Christ. Each week between 40-70 students come together...  Read More
FIUMC Students & VBS
by Katie Strickland on August 10th, 2023
As you may imagine putting on Vacation Bible School takes many volunteers.  This year we had 46 volunteers.  Thirteen of our amazing volunteers were students in grades 7th through 12th grade and we couldn't do VBS without them.  They bring a level of energy and excitement that most of us adults just can't match.  I know the kids and the adult volunteers appreciated them spending the week with us....  Read More
October in the Bag
by Faith Parry on November 10th, 2022
October was a busy month, but we have so many things to celebrate. Many know this, but I wasn't in favor of doing the pumpkin patch this year. Why? Because I was worried it would over-tax our congregation's time. Why am I telling you this? Because I was wrong and I'm glad to be wrong.I'm a firm believer in sharing my opinion and then stepping back. The church council rallied together to bring the ...  Read More
Joseph and Pharaoh
by Faith Parry on October 25th, 2022
Joseph in the Old Testament is known for lots of things:The Coat of Many Colors (Genesis 26)Being Sold into Slavery by his Brothers (Genesis 37)Being Thrown into Jail after Refusing Advances from his boss Potipharar's Wife (Genesis 39)However, what made him famous, was the gift God gave him to interpret dreams. His talent started long before his life's troubles, and he never lost hope. His gift of...  Read More
What is the Point of Confirmation?
by Faith Parry on October 11th, 2022
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Our "In Progress" Café
by Faith Parry on August 25th, 2022
Admin West, or the Youth Room, has undergone a transformation over the past few weeks. The Café, as I'm now calling it, isn't done. With a little bit of paint, some cleaning, rearranging, and some new furniture, we hope this transformation project hope we've started down a road for our students to have a place they can call home.Years ago, the students had a space that was theirs. Many have shared...  Read More
Exciting Things for the Children & Youth
by Faith Parry on August 11th, 2022
A lot's been done in a small amount of time! I want to give Katie a big thank you for all her hard work to get ready for the Back to School bash we had this past week. It was a different kind of Sunday from what we had in the past, but we consider it a success. The kids had fun, and we got to talk with some families we hadn't seen in a while. Kids' rooms were cleaned and refreshed for the start of...  Read More