Joseph and Pharaoh

Joseph in the Old Testament is known for lots of things:
  • The Coat of Many Colors (Genesis 26)
  • Being Sold into Slavery by his Brothers (Genesis 37)
  • Being Thrown into Jail after Refusing Advances from his boss Potiphar's Wife (Genesis 39)

However, what made him famous, was the gift God gave him to interpret dreams. His talent started long before his life's troubles, and he never lost hope. His gift of prophecy through dream interpretation is what caused his brothers to dispose of him.

We can learn so much from Joseph, though.
  • Don't give up on the gifts God gives you. The hatred of his 10 older brothers could have caused Joseph to become frustrated. Instead, he kept his faith in God and continued to interpret. When he was in prison in Egypt, those dream interpretations led him to Pharaoh. Eventually, he saved the people of Egypt and his family from starvation.
  • Don't brag about your blessings. Joseph was very young when he received his gift, and he was arrogant in how he told it to his older brothers. I'm sure he could have handled things better. It seems he learned his lesson because as he got older, he became wiser and better at sharing the wisdom God gave him through his dreams.
  • You're never too young for God to use you. That's the theme of these paintings that you'll be learning about from Lisa Fretina. Joseph was just a boy when his brothers sold him. He was still very young when he showed integrity regarding the flirting from Potiphar's wife. Joseph learned to rely on God by the time he made it to Pharaoh. He became a young man who was wise beyond his years. You can read all of Joseph's story in Genesis, chapters 37–50.
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