God on Mute Preview

Sometimes it feels like when we pray, God isn’t there. Why do we suffer and pray, but God stays silent? We’ll journey through the silence of unanswered prayers through the stages of Holy Week, reflecting on how God can still be present, even in the silence. This is a story of faith, hope, and love beyond all understanding.
This is a loving God series. We'll look at how our prayer life is connected to our relationship with God.

Series in a Nut Shell

We've all had times in our lives when we've prayed because something was happening that we needed God's help. Yet, as we prayed, we didn't see God doing anything. It felt like God wasn't listening or wasn't there–God was on Mute. These are the hardest times to keep praying and trusting God.

Why I'm Preaching It

This series uses Jesus' journey of Holy Week to talk about the different stages of prayer. As we approach Easter, we'll not only reflect on what he went through, but use it as an opportunity to learn from the person who had the most authentic prayer life. We'll see how Jesus worked through his darkest moments and what that can teach us. The hope is it will help all of us overcome the hard moments in our life.

Going Beyond the Sermon

If you'd like to go beyond the sermon in your spiritual growth, here are some ways:
  • Follow along with the Sermon Notes and work through the weekly discipleship questions
  • Read God on Mute to go more in-depth in prayer
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to read daily devotions
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