Christmas Vacation Preview

Have you returned home from a vacation, and felt like you needed another vacation? We make plans, but 9 times out of 10, things don't end up like we expect. This holiday season, we're going tropical and thinking about all the unexpected things that happened to the characters the first Christmas. Grab your Hawaiian shirts, Santa hats, and get ready for a Christmas Vacation!
This is a loving God series. We'll take a fresh look at Christ's birth and God's promise to us.

Series in a Nut Shell

The holiday season is a time for us to reflect on our friends and family, so we're unifying our adult and children's Bible teaching. Christmas Vacation Live is the Worship series where we'll include almost all the same scriptures that the kids are using. Christmas Vacation Kids is the Kid's Club teachings. We'll have a mix of church traditions and excited anticipation while we wait for our King to be born.

Why I'm Preaching It

November and December are busy seasons. If you have kids at home, in college, or off on their own, it's a time when you're trying to coordinate schedules around holiday parties and work responsibilities. It's our hope that by unifying what all the ages are doing, we'll make things a little easier during the busyness. After all, the church's goal during the holidays is to prepare and anticipate the birth of Christ.

Go Deeper

  • Participate in our Advent Devotional. You can download the PDF, pick up a printed copy in worship, or read the posts each day on the blog.
  • Pick up a Family Advent Wreath kit for your home (in the worship center)
  • Download the church app and follow along with the sermon notes during the messages, along with the thoughts to unpack after the sermon.

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