Friends Unleashed Launch

I am so excited about the number of new families joining the church in the past year. These new families have brought many new children, and Katie has done a fantastic job in Kid's Club!

I'm trying an experiment to connect our new families with a group called Friends Unleashed. Over the summer, we're going to do some fun weekend outings that are family-friendly so you can bring the kids with you.

The first event is in June: grabbing lunch at the grand opening of our new pizza place, Barley & Pie. They will have live music at dinner, so I would expect lunch to be a bit calmer and more family-friendly. Please help me out with a head count so we can try to get seating set up.

The next will be in July when we will go to our local dinner theater for a Matinee showing of SpongeBob the Musical. You can purchase your tickets here. Each ticket covers lunch and the show.

Who's The Group For?

As with all our groups, this group is for anyone.  I am creating events with the following things in mind:
  • A single or married person who works
  • Families who have kids (and events that consider kid's schedules)

Katie is planning some free Movie nights at the church this summer, so I will look at ways we can do something around those to minimize cost for added fun.

How You Can Help

As a church, we strive to ensure no one is excluded because of finances. If you'd like to donate to the adult ministry fund to help provide financial assistance for these events, you can put money in the plate and mark it for Adult Groups or give online.

Please pray for this new group. I pray it will help connect our new families of all ages, with or without kids, who have yet to find a group to connect with.
Wish to donate? Choose the Adult Groups Fund. To help keep head counts organized, please use the event to purchase your ticket.

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