Welcome Cathy and Katie

September 4th, we welcomed Cathy Perry and Katie Strickland into membership. It was a joy to receive them both into membership as they renewed their belief in Christ. They are officially committed to living out their faith through our congregation with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. They've both been doing this for quite some time.

Why Membership?

For many, you may be asking why a person needs to join a church. To put it simply, you don't need to join. Scripture tells us to be baptized and publicly profess our faith. It doesn't say anything about church membership because the institution of the church didn't exist back then.

John Wesley organized our denomination with a division of power. As the pastor, I am the church's spiritual leader, charged with guiding and directing. Our committees and teams help ensure everyone has a voice and a part in the church's work. Some of those teams require church membership.

Cathy and Katie both wanted to serve on our Church Council. They joined to profess their faith publicly, show their support for our congregation, and serve as leaders.

Cathy and Katie, you've been with us for many years, but we welcome you now as full members of our church! I look forward to the work we will all do together.

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