Little Things Add Up

Sometimes it can feel like if we could only do more....or that one small act can't change the world. This week, in our reflection on what we've done this year as a church, I'm reflecting on how many "small" acts actually add up to be a large one. That's what we're looking at this week. This is a wonderful reminder that no matter what we contribute, everything makes an impact.

The total of all of these ministries are:
  • $2,414 donated
  • $1,662 value of donated items
  • 36 units of blood (108 people helped)

Soles for Tots Shoe Drive

We joined with other churches  and organizations in April to collect shoes for kids in Clay county. Our church collected 127 pairs of shoes. The estimated donation value of those shoes is around $762.

Blood Drive

The Big Red Bus came to our church four times in 2022 (January, May, September, and October). Between the four visits, we donated 36 units of blood, which can help 108 people. We are continuing our relationship with the blood mobile in 2023.

Family Promise

Family Promise is an organization that helps families who are temporarily homeless. Pre-COVID, we housed families here at our church. Post-COVID, we helped pay for hotel rooms for people to stay in. Our church contributed $1,125 to assist people in need during 2022.

From Facebook:

Family Promise of Jacksonville (June 13): Our congregational partners provide food for our shelter. With school out for the summer, it’s busy. Thanks to Fleming Island UMC for rolling in last week!

Green Cove Springs Food Pantry

Our biggest contribution to the food pantry is our yearly collection of Birthday bags. Doing these bags as a missions project for the Food Pantry started a few years ago as a missions project for the children attending Vacation Bible School and has grown to include the entire church. A family puts together a bag with cake mix, icing, balloons, ribbon, candles, and any other birthday decorations they wish to include. The food pantry distributes these bags when it's someone's birthday. A single bag costs between $10-20, depending on how many decorations are included. This year, we gave 50 bags, with an estimated value of $750.

Industrial and Commercial Ministries (ICM)

We take up a special offering for ICM every Labor Day weekend. This ministry sends chaplains into work environments to offer pastoral support. Our own Rev. Bill Olewiler volunteers with them. This year, we collected $302 to help support this wonderful ministry.

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)

Like FEMA, UMCOR is one of the first people on the ground when a disaster strikes. As a coastal state, we know well how quickly life can change when nature takes over. This year, we collected $675 and a cleaning bucket, which has an estimated value of $75. 100% of of these funds go to help those in need around the world.

Pastor's Needy Fund

The Pastor's Needy Fund gives me the ability to assist someone with discretion when times are hard. These funds are used to pay bills primarily. Most of the money is raised through donations at Easter. This year, $312 was given to this fund.

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