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Francis Asbury Moonlit Approach Painting by Richard G. Douglas Courtesy of B.L. Fischer Library, Asbury Theological Seminary
Right before Christmas, it was shared that I would be serving two churches starting January 1. This Sunday, January 8, will be my first Sunday to preach both churches. The commute from one to another makes me feel like one of the circuit riders of old.

Here's the post I shared on Facebook on January 1: It’s official today. I’m serving two churches. 1 week from today I’ll start my Sunday commute from Fleming Island to Green Cove Springs. 🙏

What you Need to Know:

  • First Methodist of Green Cove Springs needs our prayers. They are working through the process right now to decide if they are going to stay UMC or disaffiliate. Their vote will be some time this spring. We know how painful this is, so please pray for them, their discernment, and that they will continue to love each other.
  • Everything I know right now, I'll be serving them for 6 months. Appointments are made from July to June. Their pastor is shifting from serving two churches part-time to one church full-time. With that change happening in December, they needed help for the rest of the appointment year. I have committed to help them for the next 6 months while they work through the discernment time period.
  • I'll have a 15 minute commute. I'll need to leave directly after worship, and head to Green Cove to lead worship there. It's a 15 minute commute, and their service starts at 11:00. That means that I won't be able to hang around and chat after worship. I need you to help me in the following ways:
    • Do what you do best and look for our new people. Welcome them for me, ask them to lunch, and "be me" for me. Remember our welcome station and share information.
    • If you need to chat with me, you can always book time on my calendar.
    • My contact info is in the church app, so you can contact me easily.
  • I'll work from Green Cove Springs every other Tuesday. You can see when that is from my calendar app, but I'll start the every other week rotation on January 10th.

I am excited about the opportunity to help our brothers and sisters in Christ during a time they need support. This is what it means to be Christian and to be United Methodist. See everyone Sunday!
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