When You Just Know

Sometimes you must try a church for weeks or even months before you feel like you can decide if it's your "forever spiritual home." Other times, you walk in and know right away.

That's what happened to Christy and Woody. I met with the couple a few weeks ago as they shared their story and experience about our church and why they wanted to join. They started attending Fleming Island UMC in December, a few weeks before Christmas. Week after week, they experienced the same thing. Church members walked over to them, said good morning, and then started to get to know them.

They didn't experience a "good morning" nod or a "how do you do" handshake. Those who talked to them came to start authentic relationships with someone they didn't know. The welcoming spirit of our church showed right away that this was where they wanted to worship and grow closer to God.

Christy shared with me that she and Woody have been a part of a church for most of their lives. However, they loved the feeling they felt when they left worship. They knew that no matter what was happening, they were loved by the people and God.

I'm excited to have both Christy and Woody officially a part of our congregation and look forward to ministry together!

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