In Plain Sight Series Preview

Series in a Nut Shell

God is often at work through the ordinary: ordinary people, ordinary objects, ordinary grace. Through the ordinary, God communicates epiphanies, salvation, revelation, and reconciliation. It is through the mundane that we hear God’s quiet voice. In this series, we're looking for Jesus in objects we find every day.

Why I'm Preaching It

Many of us have done the “lent thing” before. You might give something up each year as a practice of partial fasting, or you might go all in. Maybe you add a spiritual practice. Or, perhaps, you’ve never done anything and just waited for Easter. Lent is intended to slow us down and focus us on God. It’s my hope this series will do just that. Each week has a different object, so you can intentionally look for those things and at the same time, focus on God when you see it.

Go Deeper

I always seek to preach Lent with an option for a devotional guide, aiding in your growing deeper into God. This series coordinates with the book Lent in Plain Sight by Jill J. Duffield. You can read more about the book in my previous article here. The article will also share how to use our messaging group set up so you can talk about what you're reading.

If you'd like to read the scriptures without purchasing the book, you can do that too.
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