Children Home Giving for January

Thank you! Once a quarter, we take the time to give a special offering for the United Methodist Children's Home here in Florida. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of children right down the road.

I thought the best way to say thank you is to share some things from the Children's Home's last Newsletter. Here's a word from the President:

Herald (Vol 32, No. 4, Winter 2022)

Reflecting over the past year, most things have gotten back to normal in terms of dealing with the pandemic. We have continued to be mindful of the safety of the children and staff as COVID related issues have continued to decline. The children are back in school and able to take day trips off campus. They have also been able to participate in their Day of Service where they go out into the community and perform volunteer work for charitable organizations. Perhaps the most disruptive event this year has been Hurricane Ian, requiring additional preparation ahead of the storm and a good deal of clean up afterwards. Though we were blessed not to suffer any significant damage to our buildings, there were some downed trees, minor roof damage, and considerable flooding to the area.

In terms of services on our Enterprise campus, we have continued to grow our Family Foster Care program. This requires the renovation of specific group care cottages on our campus for use as foster homes. We then place our licensed and trained foster parents in those cottages with foster children under their care. The Family Foster Care program is in addition to the Foster Care services we currently provide, and represents an increased emphasis on foster care as one of our services. The children in the Family Foster Care program, like the other children on campus, benefit from the full range of services including our Legacy Scholars Academy, Recreation, Spiritual Life, as well as therapeutic support. Two cottages have been renovated and occupied so far by foster families, while a third is under way. There remains at least two additional cottages slated for renovation next year.

You may also be aware of the dynamics occurring inside the Methodist church at this time. At the Children’s Home, we remain focused on staying true to our mission. Since 1908, this has been a place of hope, healing, and refuge for hurting children. While it started out as an orphanage, it has now transformed into a multi-faceted organization today serving over 200 children and families each week. Our mission is to empower children and families to experience the transforming love of Christ through trauma-informed care and holistic services. While the Children’s Home is a Methodist ministry, it is not an apportionment ministry. Through your generosity and that of those who came before you, we have been able to fulfill that mission each and every day by seeking God’s wisdom and direction in our ministry.

Kitwana McTyer
President & CEO
Florida United Methodist Children's Home

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