Part 5 - Proverbs 13-16

This Bible study devotional covers Proverbs 13-16. In this passage, we will discuss the common themes of pride and humility.

As always, we are committed to showing you how to see the good news of the Gospel in every passage of Scripture. In Proverbs 13-16, we see humility's earthly reward in life, but Jesus' resurrection shows us humility’s final reward. In Jesus, when we humble ourselves, God raises us from our low place among the dead and seats us with his right hand.

**Observation Questions:**

1. In Proverbs 16:18, what are the consequences of pride and a haughty spirit?

2. How does Proverbs 11:2 contrast the outcomes of pride and humility?

3. Reflecting on Luke 14:11, what does Jesus teach about the relationship between self-exaltation and humility?

4. Considering Philippians 2:8-9, how did Jesus demonstrate humility, and what was the result of His humility?

**Interpretation Questions:**

1. What does it mean that "with the humble is wisdom," as stated in Proverbs 11:2?

2. How can the fear of the Lord lead to humility and wisdom, as suggested by the themes in Proverbs?

3. In what ways does the parable in Luke 14:11 challenge our understanding of honor and status?

4. How does the example of Jesus' humility on the cross provide a model for our own behavior?

**Application Questions:**

1. Reflect on a recent situation where pride influenced your actions. How could a humble approach have altered the outcome?

2. Identify a specific area in your life where you struggle with pride. What practical step can you take this week to cultivate humility in that area?

3. Consider a relationship where you may have sought your own honor or advantage. How can you demonstrate humility in that relationship moving forward?

4. Jesus humbled Himself to the point of death on a cross. What is one way you can follow His example by serving others selflessly this week?

5. Think about a decision you are facing. How can you prioritize seeking God's wisdom over relying on your own understanding in this decision?