Part 3 - Proverbs 5-9

This Bible study devotional covers Proverbs 5-9. In this passage, we read that the choice between wisdom and folly is personified between two women.

As always, we are committed to showing you how to see the good news of the Gospel in every passage of Scripture. In Proverbs 5-9, we see that when Jesus writes his wisdom on our hearts, he helps us to choose wisdom over foolishness.

**Observation Questions:**

1. In Proverbs 7, what are the consequences of succumbing to the forbidden woman's seductions as described?

2. How does the writer of Proverbs 7 suggest one should regard wisdom and understanding in relation to oneself?

3. What does Proverbs 8 reveal about the nature and value of wisdom?

4. According to Ezekiel 36, what transformation does God promise, and how does it relate to following His statutes?

**Interpretation Questions:**

1. Why might the author of Proverbs compare the pursuit of wisdom to a personal, familial relationship?

2. What are the implications of wisdom being present at the creation of the world, as mentioned in Proverbs 8?

3. How does the promise of a new heart and spirit in Ezekiel 36 connect to the ability to choose wisdom over folly?

4. Considering the teachings in Proverbs and Ezekiel, what might it mean to "walk by the Spirit" as mentioned in Galatians 5?

**Application Questions:**

1. Reflect on a recent decision where you faced a choice between wisdom and folly. What influenced your decision, and what might you do differently next time?

2. Identify a situation in your life where you can apply the concept of treating wisdom as a 'sister' to protect yourself from poor choices.

3. Think about a habit or practice that might be hardening your heart. What is one step you can take this week to soften your heart towards God's wisdom?

4. Choose one aspect of the fruit of the Spirit to focus on this week. What specific action will you take to cultivate it in your daily life?